The Establishment of GLP Joint Laboratory

    Source from RUI AGRO

    9th July, 2013



On July 5,2013, the strategic cooperation about GLP Joint Laboratory between Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute (ZCTC) and Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. (Ruichem) was reached. The general managers of both companies attended the signing ceremony, witnessed the two companies formally became strategic cooperation partners.


The general manager of ZCTC Mr. Fang, said on the ceremony that the agreement of strategic cooperation is not only the result of previous negotiations, but the beginning of later cooperation. The combination of R&D capabilities of ZCTC and the marketing network of Ruichem will lead to a bright prospect.


The general manager of Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. Mr.Xu, said on the ceremony that the powerful sales teams and extensive distribution network of Ruijiang Group will also help ZCTC reach a new level. We believe that under the cooperation of both sides, GLP will be known in Chinaand around the world.


Zhejiang Province Chemical Products Quality Inspection Station is the branch of Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute, who is a third-part inspection agency that specializes in pesticide and other chemical products analysis. The Station has strong technical strength and leading detection and analysis abilities. It is one of the best quality inspection stations of chemical products inChina, who carried out the most detection projects and has the strongest comprehensive detection ability


Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in chemical products who have built a strong advantage in import and export field. Now, Ruichem have more than 300 professional foreign trade salesman and thousands of customers around the world.


Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute and Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. have great complementarities in business; both sides will achieve complementary advantages and form a strong alliance through close cooperation on GLP project etc. The realization of greater business value is just around the corner!